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Hypnotherapy Services

Debbie Stanton D.Hyp MBBRS (Psyche.) MIBWRT (A.P.) - Helping you to reach your full potential.


Debbie is a fully qualified Advanced Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and BWRT® level 3 Practitioner, and a member of the British Brain Working Research Society (BBRS) offering an up to date, cutting edge service unique to each individual I work with.


As well as the above Debbie also offers NLP and Generalised Anxiety Disorder Therapy (Advanced) 

To book a session with Debbie  |  Email:  |   Tel: 07817 218 072


I believe we all have an innate ability to heal ourselves given the right resources. It is this belief that led me to the world of Psychotherapy, and it is within this field of healing that I am able to assist my clients in empowering themselves to reach their full potentials, achieve their goals and move forward with their lives, whilst at the same time overcoming any obstacles they may be facing.


I am passionate about my work and I hope this shows in the knowledge, experience and expertise you would expect to find from a professional.

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