Spiritual Counselling


Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening and need guidance or support? Do you have gifts of a psychic nature which prohibit you seeking help due to fear of being judged? Or do you have difficulty connecting with your true self or feel lost in your life purpose?

Spiritual counselling is not focused in a particular religous belief but recognises the person as a spirit unique and I work with that deep connection. Not only am I training in Therapeutic Counselling but have spent many years developing both spiritually, psychically and intuitively all of which are incorporated within the sessions. I have a certificate and diploma in advanced ...skills so have a great understanding and acceptance of anything para

Spiritual/Psychic Counselling differs from conventional counselling in that the counsellor has strong understanding and experience issues of a spiritual or psychic in nature. It is less structured and may be guided intuitively or meditation and other tools may be incorporated within the sessions. Although I may work intuitively the focus is on the client and the issues they present therapeutically rather than the offering of psychic guidance and advice.

Issue that may form part of the work are not limited to, but may include the following;

        SPIRITUAL                                                            PSYCHIC

Grief/Bereavement                                               Clairaudient/clairvoyant

Loss of identity                                                       Dream work/Nightmares

Anxiety/Depression                                               Astral travel

Spiritual Awakening                                              Empathic and healing issues

Inner Child Connections                                        Past Life Issues

Exploring Life Purpose                                          Psychic Abuse & Psychic Attack

Healing Processes/Crisis                                     Attachment problems

Energy system/Chakra work                               Psychic Ability & other gifts                

Life path & Soul Journey                                      Soul Retrieval

Relationship breakdowns                                    Social Isolation/Paranoia

Spiritual belief/Loss of Faith                               Spiritual Awakening

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