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Usui Reiki Level 1- £150

 An amazing introduction to self healing and Usui Reiki taught be a qualified teacher and Master with over 10 years experience. An in depth and insightful 2 day training course which includes lots of practice, meditation, theory and attunements. Keeping in line with original Usui Reiki this is all about self healing. Over the weekend you will learn the following

*What Reiki is and its benefits on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.*History and development of Reiki

*The Power of intention *Working with Love

*Working with energy *Understanding disease and illness.

*The Chakras and Aura Systems*Mindfulness *Meditation

*Japanese Energy Exercises *Self Healing *Reiki - Treating others *Grounding and Protection *Reiki Principles

*Attunement Ceremony *21 Day Detox

Taught by Jennie Reay

Includes manual and certification and light refreshments

If you are interested in training in Reiki Level 1 but unable to attend the above date, please contact to make alternative arrangements. Just £40 deposit is required to secure your space.

Usui Reiki Level 2- Practitioner Training £240

 This 3 day course gives you everything you need to become a confident and intuitive Reiki Healer. The Practitioner element of the course includes case studies and lots of practice, however the course can be taken as a shorter version for people who just wish to receive the attunements rather than working in a professional capacity. Course Content

*Working intuitively *Reiki Symbols

*The Power of intention *Meditation with symbols

*Japanese Energy Exercises *Sending distant healing *Reiki - Treating others *Grounding and Protection *Using crystals and pendulum for chakra balancing and body scanning * Reiki with animals and animal communication*Byosen Scanning * Professional Issues (Inc data protection, note taking, laws, insurance etc) *Working Ethically as a practitioner - Dealing with ethical problems *Continuing Self Healing

*Attunement Ceremony *21 Day Detox

To book on any Reiki Training Courses Contact Jennie on 07973472020 or visiting facebook for updates.

What Our Students say.......

"I did the Reiki 1 and cant recommend it (and her) enough It was so much more than expected and very enjoyable. Jennie is a great teacher, informative and makes it very relaxing and interesting. I came away from both days feeling like I'd been at a spa as I felt so relaxed after the demonstrations, meditations etc that are a part of it. Reiki is something I see myself using more and more in my life in the future. Thank you Jennie and I will definitely be looking out for future courses with you." Jenny,  Wallasey

"Would like to say a massive thank you to the beautiful Jennie Reay for teaching me Reiki level 1.

Was not only so much more than expected and then some. Jennie made me feel warm and welcome and was both professional and an a Warm, welcoming, friendly tutors. I don’t usually share but I suffer with adult ADHD and find concentration, focus and the ability to understanding and grasp information easily... However I found I swam through this course with ease and confidence, thanks to Jennie Reay.
I will definitely be back and would certainly recommend to all, no mater what you believe your limitations are, you will come out knowing and believing anything is possible"
Jane Hardman, Wallasey

Refresh your skills

Are you Reiki attuned but lack confidence?

Maybe you just need some extra support?

I tailor 1 to 1 Reiki Refresher sessions to suit your needs. Whether this is Reiki 1 or Both.

I offer 1 to 1 training on available fridays of between 4-6 hours.

(If you only use 4 hours you will get a free space on our Reiki share!)

During the session you will receive a Reiki Attunement, practice and go over any of the areas you need help with.

These may include

*Byosen Scanning

*Mindfulness/Energy exercise practice

*Chakras and Aura systems

*Setting up private practice

*Professional and ethical issues

*Hand positions or working intuitively.

*Any thing else you need extra learning with!

Only open for people who had studied Usui Reiki and received in person attunement. Certificates of achievement must be evidenced.

You can receive all my course material for my own classes at a cost of

Reiki 1 £10

Reiki 2 £10

Reiki 1 & 2 £15

(These include two 50 page manuals, a chakra and aura booklet and additional materials)



💕Are you Reiki attuned? 🧡Would you like to meet with like minded individuals to practice and receive healing? 😇Share your healing and receive healing (atleast 20 mins per person) 😇Join together as healers to send our prayers and distant healing to causes and the world where it's much needed. 😇Use the space to send healing to any loved ones who require it. 😇An opportunity to share, connect and discuss anything reiki related in a supported group environment. This group is for reiki healers of any level or modality. We are all equal and everyones opinions and contribulations to the group are fully embraced. There may be some spaces available for people considering training in reiki please contact Jennie for more info. The times are guidelines and may vary dependent on numbers. A ticket system will soon be available via the website or you can book your space by contacting