Relax, Revive, Rebalance


"Reiki is Love, Love is Wholeness, Wholeness is Balance, 

Balance is  Well Being, Well Being is Freedom from Disease"  

                                                                       Dr Mikao Usui

"Be the Energy you want others to absorb."

                                                                  A.D Posey

Reiki is japanese for "Universal Energy" and also a term used to describe natural healing. Everything is made up of energy and energy changes energy, so it makes sense to use energy to make changes to our own energetic systems. When can have low energies/ negative energies these impact us emotionally, spiritually or physically (Can be called disease) Good energy nourishes and brings life to all living things. Think about a flower that has access to sunlight, fresh air and good food that is cared for by its owner in comparison to the one that is left without love and without the good energy (Light, food, love) that enables it to grow and flourish.

Receiving Reiki

Anyone or any living thing can receive Reiki. It can be hands on or hand off but does not involve any massage or manipulation and the person receiving reiki is fully dressed during the process. You may feel warmth or cold and in some cases go into a relaxing meditative state. 

How I work

I generally work hands off leaving a small gap between myself and the client. I use the power of intention and frequency of love and ask my guides to assist in the healing process. I do not diagnose but I am empathic and sometimes may feel my clients pain or pick up on emotional distress. I  work intuitively and hope to create a caring safe space for you to relax and calm. I have been practicing Reiki since 2009 and have worked with babies, adults and animals. I achieved my Reiki Master/Teacher in 2016 and have since been developing my connection with spirit and using meditation to enhance my intuition abilities.

I see Reiki not just as a healing modality but as a way of life. Understanding and respect for all living things and going back to basics in terms of our understanding of health and well being. I strive daily to live my life by the basic Principles as taught by Dr Usui.

We currently have 3 different Reiki Treatments available *30min Reiki Session *Reiki with Chakra Balance & Spiritual Reading £40 *Angelic Reiki with Angelic Guidance

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