Centre Manager- Jennie Reay

Jennie has been working in the field of Health and Well-being for over 10 years during which she worked in various centres and colleges as a therapist, counsellor and teacher. Jennies' vision was to create a centre that acknowledged the importance of spiritual health and to create a platform for professionals within the field to work from,  so in 2019 she set up Healing Time Centre. 

Jennie is a strong believer that we can all achieve our lifes purpose, and through a holistic approach to our lives we can make changes to our health, self confidence and overall way of viewing the world. Jennies personal therapy page is COMING SOON! 

Therapy Suite Manager-Cheryl Carran

Cheryl is the manager for all therapy related enquiries and our Holistic shop. She is qualified in Aromatherapy massage, Indian Head Massage and Kinesio taping and currently working towards her Reiki training.

Cheryls' interests also include spiritual and psychic development for which she has recently passed an advanced diploma for and has some great knowledge particularly in areas including trance mediumship . 

Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher- Dr Amanda Bowen

Amanda is a Yoga Teacher with over 500 Yoga Alliance approved teacher training hours,  a PhD in Metaphysical Science, and is a certified holistic life coach, spiritual counsellor, and an organiser of worldwide transformational yoga retreats.

Her studies have included hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, yin yang and aerial yoga and her teaching style draws from her own experience with Chronic Fatigue and PTSD, ancient wisdom and practical brain science.

Amanda also has her own Yoga Clothes Label.

Amanda personal page is https://www.dramandabowen.co.uk/

Sound Healing with Crystals and Reiki with White Moon and Primal Soul

Sharon and Bev are our Resident Sound Healers offering a truly unique healing experience using Crystal Bowls, with amazing crystal grids and Reiki

Both ladies are experienced practitioners with qualifications in Crystal healing, Sound Healing and Reiki Masters. 

Their personal page can be viewed on facebook


Introducing  Jessie- Resident Pooch

Introducing Jessie. Healing Times own office pooch and hero therapy dog! Jessie is a 10 year old Springer Spaniel who has had 3 homes before her forever home with Jennie. Jessie helped Jennie overcome Generalised Anxiety Disorder. It was Jessies calming nature, her loyalty, friendship and amazing cuddles that calmed the nervous system and allowed Jennie to start trusting again. Jessie is loved where ever she goes and is often drawn to people who need healing. She can be spotted often sitting with Jen in the office or you can request Jess to sit in with you on a treatment for that extra support. Xx


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