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True Healing Comes from Nourishing the Mind, Body and Soul.

Healing Time Spiritual & Therapeutic centre in Wirral. Merseyside.

We offer a variety of services to support all your health needs including physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

The  focus is on stress reduction; self empowerment; self responsibility; self awareness and promoting spiritual health. 

Healing Time offers a variety of therapeutic services for charitable organisations, local businesses who have employee well-being services, we also support local self employed practitioners and teachers.

Healing Time also welcomes you to Spirit School which offers in depth and cost effective courses and workshops in Spiritual Health, Psychic Development, Reiki and Energy work, including many accredited courses. 

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What do we do ?

*We run courses and events at Spirit School focusing on Health and Spiritual Wellbeing and Psyche Development.

*We provide Counselling, Hypnotherapy,  and a wide range of Spiritual & Holistic Treatments.

*We run weekly classes including Meditation, Sound Healing, Psychic Circle and more, which can all be found on out Facebook page.

*We have a well-being coffee shop that can be used for socialising after groups and sessions, during workshops, retreat days and our Soul Spa and Tuesdays. Soul Spa offers a Free meditation space held once a week in our beautiful studio space.

*We arrange bespoke Retreat Days for individuals, charities and local businesses.

*We arrange various events to promote Holistic Well-being and the services we provide at the centre including Psychic and Holistic fairs each year.

Alternative Therapies

Here at healing Time we have several therapists offering a range of healing modalities. Each therapists is self employed. Take a look at all our individual treatments or to book your session through our booking system.

Spirit School

Wanting to expand your consciousness, learn more about spiritualism, psychic development or energy work? We have a variety of workshops and courses including psychic development, reiki, other energy work courses, esoteric practices and metaphysical teachings. Click below for our accredited courses brochure.

Well-being for Employees & Charities

We offer counselling, supervision, holistic therapies and retreat days. You can book a course of meditation, yoga or mindfulness for your group.

Counselling & Supervision Services

Fun at Yoga

We have several psychotherapy and supervision services offering Psychodynamic, Spiritual, Person-Centred, Relationship counselling, soul integration, spirit release and more. We  also offer work based and counselling supervision.

Lets put our focus on health & well-being !
Join our Community at Healing Time

Spiritual Health is Important too !

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Within conventional healthcare, spiritual health is often dismissed.

 Often there's a stereotype where the people offering it seeming a bit 'quack', they are not being respected or receiving recognition for their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Many people's physical, mental and emotional problems can stem from a person's spiritual needs not being met......

*Our need for connection with others...

*Discovering and understanding our life purpose...

* Our need to feed our soul with the things that keep us happy...

(this maybe learning, dancing, hobbies, etc.)

*Healing from traumatic events that may have occurred in our lives from childhood or otherwise.

At Healing Time we aim to provide a place to assist in healing, plus some amazing workshops and events for new connections, friendships, and spiritual awareness to help your soul grow.

We hope that our many services, treatments, and courses will help support your spiritual health & well-being.

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Healing Time - Jennie Reay
3-5 Cross Street,

CH41 5EP

Tel: 07973472020

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